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Tele-seminar: Finding Your Calling – Getting Going

Thanks for signing up for the tele-seminar on Monday April 20th at 7pm ET.

We are going to have some fun and give you a headstart on finding your calling.

We'll cover:

1. How to indentify topics you'd like to explore
2. How to find information online (including Twitter)
3. How you can start a project today

Some logistics:

  • You'll need a phone and access to the internet during the tele-seminar.
  • The tele-seminar will last about an hour, though we may go a little longer depending on interest & the discussion.
  • The seminar has 3 parts:

    Part 1: Introduction (on phone)
    Part 2: Exercises (off-line)
    Part 3: Discussion (on phone)

    Here are the links and numbers you'll need for each part:

    Part 1

    In part 1, we'll review how a special kind of "play" can help you uncover new insights about your calling.

    Call-in number for Part 1:

    Access Code: 982159#

    Part 2

    In part 2, each of us will do some exercises off of the call. Here are the links you'll need:

    Dream Jobs at VocationVacations - a list of "VocationVacations" where you can spend a day trying out a new job

    Alltop - an online "magazine stand" for blogs

    Meetup.com- local meetings across the country

    Yahoo Groups - online forums on all kinds of topics

    Google alerts - enter a search term and get a summary email once a day

    Twitter Search - enter a search term and get the latest discussions from Twitter

    Part 3

    In part 3, we'll discuss the exercises and brainstorm ways for each of you to do some "life experimenting"

    Call-in number for Part 3 (same number as Part 1):

    Access Code: 982159#

    I'm looking forward to our call on Monday. If you have questions, just email me allan [at] allanbacon (dot) com

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