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Finding Your Calling (Without Quitting Your Job): Upcoming Tele-Classes

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Find What You Want to Be When You Grow Up

How to find a job as fun as your life was as a kid.

  • You’ll get an understanding of why you get stuck
  • You’ll understand what it feels like when you are moving in the right direction
  • You’ll get some starting points for exploring your own calling

Tele-class audio recording available

Don't wait to test-drive your dreams (How to start now without quitting your job).

  • You’ll learn how to take any dream or interest and turn it into something you can try out easily
  • You’ll get tips on how to find opportunities to try these - no matter how busy your life is

Tele-class audio recording available

The 60 second litmus test to positively know what is part of your calling.

  • You’ll learn how to take any dream and test it to see if it is leading you towards your calling – or if you can drop it

Tele-class audio recording available

How to Develop Your Calling

How to "Go Pro" with your passion when you can't quit your job.

  • You’ll learn how to identify new ideas when you feel stuck
  • You’ll create your own Cool Project to get deeper into the areas you’ve explored in earlier weeks

Tele-class audio recording available

Cutting loose the people who say "You Can't" and embracing a new tribe of believers.

  • You’ll learn about the power of Tribes – the cultures in which you live and work
  • You’ll learn how to find new Tribes and how to try them on to see which fit

Tele-class audio recording available

Warren Buffet gave away $31 billion because he sucks at philanthropy - what's your excuse for trying to do everything?

  • You’ll learn how to get the help you will need as you start to develop your calling
  • You’ll get specific guidance on where to look and what to ask for

Tele-class audio recording available

Your Simon Cowell moment - How to find (and handle) feedback from experts.

  • You’ll learn about a special kind of help – feedback from experts
  • You’ll learn when you are ready for this feedback, how to seek it out and what to do with it once you’ve gotten it

Tele-class audio recording available

How to Make the Time, Space & Money to Live Your Calling

How to do what you really love without sacrificing your lifestyle.

  • You’ll learn how to start living your dream today without having to quit your job
  • You’ll learn how to lay the groundwork now for transitioning to your ideal work

Tele-class audio recording available

Design your work around your ideal life - How Allan got paid to live in Paris (without quitting his job)

  • You’ll learn how to identify your ideal work and life style and start living them now
  • You’ll learn how to free up time by adapting your work to fit you

Tele-class audio recording available

How to get paid a bonus for working less.

  • You’ll learn how to restructure your own job (to free up time and effort)
  • You’ll learn how to find your work "sweet spot"

Tele-class audio recording available

Making it big - getting paid for making a difference.

  • You’ll learn who you alone are meant to impact with your dream work
  • You’ll learn how to handle success

Tele-class audio recording available

Making the move - How and when to make your calling your livelihood.

  • You’ll learn when it is time to leave your job
  • You’ll learn how to manage your finances during the transition

Tele-Class Date: Wednesday, September 2nd at 5pm ET (US)
Call in information: Phone +1-712-432-0080 Access Code: 982159

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